The Green Root

Let’s Make a Healthier You!!

About Us

The Green Root is a Family-Owned Health and Specialty Food store located in Rossmore, Ontario across the Bay Bridge in the beautiful Prince Edward County. Belleville did not have a store which carried all natural and health foods in one place. In July 2018, out of the need for a place where people can find Special Dietary Needs, Health Foods and Wellness Products under one roof, The Green Root came into existence. Since then we are bringing in more sustainable products which are good for health as well as for the planet. What we believe in, Our roots are kindness, community and sustainability above everything. Wellness is a lifetime journey, and it is different for everyone. No matter where you are on your wellness journey, our inclusion and person-centered approach will support and help guide your goals in a safe environment that puts people and planet first. We are committed to meeting the needs of today’s generations without compromising future generations.


"Let’s Make a Healthier You!!"